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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Our contents are shown to you in English. Product data is displayed for a technical region using 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz.

Product characteristics Indoor lighting

These design documents apply to one particular product range. They provide a comprehensive overview of the features, applications, lighting technology and luminaire arrangement of the individual product range in question. The documents are in Acrobat PDF format and as such can be viewed and printed out.

The following data is available for downloading:

  • Atrium double focus Recessed luminaires
  • Atrium double focus Surface-mounted luminaires
  • Atrium double focus Pendant luminaires
  • Axis Showcase lighting
  • Compar for track 220-240V
  • Compar linear Recessed luminaires
  • Compar linear Pendant luminaires
  • Compar linear Surface-mounted luminaires
  • Compar square Surface-mounted luminaires
  • Eclipse 48V for Minirail track
  • Eclipse InTrack for track 220-240V
  • Eclipse OnTrack for track 220-240V
  • ERCO Hi-trac track with uplights
  • ERCO Minirail 48V track and singlets
  • ERCO track and singlets
  • Gimbal Recessed spotlights
  • Gimbal with mounting bracket Recessed spotlights
  • Iku Recessed luminaires
  • Iku Work Recessed luminaires
  • Invia 48V Light Structure
  • Jilly for track 220-240V
  • Jilly linear Pendant luminaires
  • Jilly linear Surface-mounted luminaires
  • Jilly linear for track 220-240V
  • Jilly square Surface-mounted luminaires
  • Jilly square Recessed luminaires
  • Light Board for track 220-240V
  • Lightgap Recessed luminaires
  • Lucy Task lights
  • Optec for track 220-240V
  • Optec New for track 220-240V
  • Optec New 48V for Minirail track
  • Opton for track 220-240V
  • Pantrac for track 220-240V
  • Pantrac Wall-mounted luminaires
  • Parscan for track 220-240V
  • Parscan New 48V for Minirail track
  • Parscan New InTrack for track 220-240V
  • Parscan New OnTrack for track 220-240V
  • Pollux for track 220-240V
  • Quinta Recessed spotlights
  • Quintessence round Recessed luminaires
  • Quintessence square Recessed luminaires
  • Skim Recessed luminaires
  • Skim Surface-mounted luminaires
  • Skim for track 220-240V
  • Starpoint Recessed spotlights
  • Stella for track 220-240V
  • Uniscan 48V for Minirail track
  • Uniscan InTrack for track 220-240V
  • Uniscan OnTrack for track 220-240V
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